Sawkill Farm

We are a family farm in northern Dutchess County, New York, that raises wholesome and delicious meat and value-added products. We sell grass-fed beef & lamb, pastured pork & poultry and fresh eggs; as well as farm soap, lamb pelts, and wool products.  Our farm store is open year-round.  Please visit us at the farm or our farmers' markets.



Sawkill Farm & Store

7782 Albany Post Road, Red Hook NY 12571

Sawkill Farm is a diverse family farm in the Hudson Valley.   We produce wholesome, healthy and fresh meat, eggs and vegetables.  We raise grass-fed & grass-finished beef and lamb as well as pasture-raised pork and poultry.  We also have a small organic vegetable garden.  Our farm is home to our year-round store and our farm kitchen, where we create stocks, sausages, smoked meat and more.  If you haven't already, we encourage you to visit the farm to learn how and why we farm the way we do.  And to source your food straight from the farm.

Michael Robertson

Michael started farming in 2004 at Tecolote Farm in Austin Texas.  Since then he has worked at Hawthorne Valley Farm and was the Agricultural Director at the Queens County Farm Museum.  He started Sawkill Farm in 2010 and has a sweet collection of tandem bicycles. 

Kallie & eggs.jpg

Kallie Weinkle Robertson

Kallie got introduced to agriculture while farming in NYC and just couldn't resist the call of clean air, 3 big dogs and a farm that wasn't measured by the sq ft.  She began farming with Michael in 2012 and maintains good records, a clean store, bees and a bountiful garden at Sawkill Farm.

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(845) 514-4562

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Thurs-Sun 10am-5pm (we're open till 6 when it's warm)
7782 Albany Post Road, Red Hook, NY 12571